Friend Time helps your server coordinate times and events by converting times mentioned in chat between time zones!

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If you have a discord server with users across multiple countries and time zones then this is the bot for you! With Friend Time you can easily coordinate times between users.

Friend Time will automatically react with a clock emoji (🕰️) to times mentioned in chat:

By also reacting, you will be private messaged with the time converted to your time zone:


  • Automatically reacts with a clock emoji (️️🕰️) to times mentioned in chat.

    • Clicking the clock emoji converts the time to your time zone.

    • Sent in a direct message.

  • A time zone list where you can set up to 10 time zones to always convert to.

    • Sent in the server channel.

  • Reminders for users to set their time zones.

    • Servers and users can disable this reminder if desired.

  • A private mode for users who don't want to expose their location.

  • Customize the appearance of times (12 or 24 hour).

  • Support for multiple languages.

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