Finding Time Zones

How to find time zones.

Using the Time Zone Map

One way to find time zones is by using the Time Zone Map:

You can also get to this map by using the map command in Discord.

Once you are on the map page, you will see 3 different time zones listed:

  1. Auto-Detected Time Zone

    • The time zone that the map has auto-detected from your location.

  2. Selected Time Zone

    • The time zone that you currently have selected.

    • Click any location on the map to see the time zone name!

  3. Hovered Time Zone

    • If you are on PC, this will be the name of the time zone you are hovering over with your mouse.

You can click the "Copy" button to copy the selected time zone, and paste this where Friend Time needs a time zone:

Time Zone Name Format

Friend Time uses a special format for time zone names (more specifically the IANA Time Zone Database, an international standard for time zones).

Time zone names are in a "Region/City" format, for example:

  • America/New_York

  • Europe/London

  • Asia/Manila

  • Australia/Sydney

Please note that most cities are NOT part of a time zone name. There are only a small amount of (usually very populated) cities which IANA (an international group) have decided are part of time zone names.

Time zone abbreviations like "EST" or "GMT" are also NOT accepted by Friend Time because they are often ambiguous. For example "CST" could mean "China Standard Time", "Cuba Standard Time", or "Central Standard Time".

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